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Hi all!
It has been a pretty crazy year for me so far. I had my baby boy in January, came back to work in March and haven’t stopped to catch my breath since! Right before I left to have my baby, Stout threw me a surprise baby shower. Just in the nick of time too as I went into labor later that night! Coming back to work in March was tough but there was plenty of work to keep me occupied! And I’m still as busy as ever! Stout is releasing quite a few books and collections so keep your eyes open for Sneak Peeks!

Baby Shower Baby Shower-gifts

New Family


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! After a much needed holiday break, reality resumes. I neglected the blog last week due to a short work week filled with plenty of catching up! I may have been on vacation but the rest of the world certainly was not! To recap- Stout closed early on Friday the 21st and treated everyone to a holiday luncheon. Here are some snapshots of the Stout group!




Our luncheon was held at a local event venue called Chefs On The Run and was catered by Twisted Kitchen. The food was fabulous!
The following week Stout opened Wednesday through Friday, between the Christmas and New Years holidays. After welcoming in 2013, Stout resumed work on Wednesday January 2nd. The new year is in full swing now and there are quite a few exciting things to look forward too in the coming months. Keep coming back to see just what sort of excitement is going on here at Stout Brothers!

Happy Holidays!

All of us here at Stout Brothers would like to wish you a safe and joyous Holiday. The business will close at 12pm Noon EST today and will reopen on Wednesday the 26th. To show their appreciation, every year Stout treats its employees to a Holiday luncheon following the end of business on the last day before the holiday break. I know I am extremely grateful for their generosity. To kick off our holiday, here is a photo of the Christmas tree in our office.

2013 Colors of the Year

Yes, indeed I said Colors! Pantone has announced that Emerald is the 2013 Color of the Year. Let us not forget though, Benjamin Moore has named Lemon Sorbet its Color of Year. Both are very powerful players and deserve to be recognized. Pantone has also released it’s fashion forecast which includes nine colors. Which one or ones, will actually be a hit? Only time will tell. For now, here are Stout’s best for both Emerald and Lemon Sorbet.
Pinterest-BMLemonSorbet PantoneBanner Pantone-2013

A Hobbit Home

The long awaited prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit releases today here in the U.S. As a way to celebrate this, I thought a quick blog was in order. Hobbit homes are really holes in the ground but there are plenty of adaptations where they are above ground. The interior design is country, earthy and rustic. There are many similarities between a Hobbit home and a country cabin, both are natural and have very warm, inviting interiors. Take a look for yourself at some of the modern variations.

Far from the Shire, a Hobbit house in Pa. country – Yahoo! News.

*Sneak Peek* Upcoming Trim Collection

I was able to catch a sneak peek at the upcoming trim collection Art of Design II. A collection of 40 colors available in a tape, gimp, brush fringe, tassel fringe, key tassel, chair tie and tie-back. Our previous trim collection that this is based off of, did amazingly well for us. Enjoy the preview!

Blue-Tieback Grape-Tassle&Tieback Navy-Tassle&Tieback Seagreen-frowardTassle&Tieback Tableshot-vertical Teal-Tassle&Tieback

StoutTextiles on Pinterest- Check us out!

We are officially up and running on Pinterest!
If you’re looking for a collection of visual ideas, our page is the place to go! It is a work in progress- as any page truly is but we are offering up everything from Crafty Ideas to Room Recreations. Follow us for the most recent updates on our boards! Pinterest – Stout Textiles

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