*Sneak Peek* Upcoming Trim Collection

I was able to catch a sneak peek at the upcoming trim collection Art of Design II. A collection of 40 colors available in a tape, gimp, brush fringe, tassel fringe, key tassel, chair tie and tie-back. Our previous trim collection that this is based off of, did amazingly well for us. Enjoy the preview!

Blue-Tieback Grape-Tassle&Tieback Navy-Tassle&Tieback Seagreen-frowardTassle&Tieback Tableshot-vertical Teal-Tassle&Tieback


2 thoughts on “*Sneak Peek* Upcoming Trim Collection

  1. My wife and I have been desperately looking for tassel trim and tiebacks with teal as their predominant color. These look PERFECT. Could you share where I could find them?

    • Hi Ari! We (Stout Brothers Textiles) sell them! Please call our customer service at 1-800-523-2592 for assistance in locating your closest showroom or designer. We are a wholesaler and only sell to those ‘in the trade’, not to the general public. I hope we can help you find the perfect trim and tiebacks!

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